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Victoria Cresswell MSTAT

Alexander Technique, Movement  &  Dance


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Art of Movement

Ever since we were children, spending hours dancing together in our parents' living room, to being a talented gymnast at school, and then choosing to train in the Alexander technique at a young age, Victoria has had a passion for movement and the moving body.

She has spent more than thirty years immersed in practice, training and then teaching and working with others to pass on this knowledge.

I have been a student of Victoria's in the Alexander technique and in Pilates, and have trained  alongside her in the dance, as well as participating in her dance classes.

She brings immense perception and skill to the subtle method of Alexander, and has helped me discover unhelpful modes of moving and thinking, and has worked with me to uncover a much more free, efficient and, ultimately, pain-free way of moving. Having had an on-going issue with my back for many years, the lessons with Victoria have helped me to find release, relief and greater alignment within my body.

In Pilates she raises awareness of how one is using the body, works precisely with particular areas in the body, and step by step, builds up core strength and improved posture.  After taking part in her classes, I noticed my muscle tone was greatly improved, and I felt generally stronger and fitter in myself.

As a dance teacher, Victoria creates a warm, safe place for people to come and dance freely, finding their own dance, encouraging depth of exploration, moving from exuberant dance to stillness, and above all shares her joy and passion for the dance.

As a person and a teacher Victoria has the utmost integrity and dedication.  She brings great sensitivity, acute powers of observation, clarity, along with deep calmness, lightness of touch and a sense of humour to her teaching and her life.

She is a rarity – a teacher who 'walks her talk'.

Amanda Cresswell


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