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Testimonials : Alexander Technique

Learning Alexander Technique with Victoria has been very helpful in developing my singing.  She uses her hands in such a way that when I'm preparing to sing my body remembers the feel of her hands and finds what it needs to be doing.

Cathy Dine, Teacher and Singer

We have been coming to see Victoria for just over a year, after years of surgery, medication and other treatments that have proven to be ineffective to Emma. Victoria’s work has been completely life changing for Emma and her family, as she can now focus on being a child and enjoying the same things as everyone else instead of being ruled by her health.

Julie and Emma age 9  (Alexander Technique)

Victoria came highly recommended when I was suffering with arthritis and a fractured vertebra.  Through changing old habits, lengthening, widening and finding  space in my body – I move more freely and am in less pain.

Victoria is very intuitive and in tune with the individual.  Her own ‘good use’ is uplifting in every sense. Her use of language, and visual images come alive for the individual and make sense of the 'Stay with your Orders', which is a basic principle in the Alexander Technique.  She gives the best gift - the gift of space.


I initially went to see Victoria to learn the Alexander Technique, in order to be able to help myself to solve neck and back problems I was having, that treatments such as Chiropractor, massage, and Osteopathy were no longer able to provide relief from. Learning the directions has not been for me a quick or easy process, but the results are clear.

I now have a better understanding of how I use or mis-use my body, and this has enabled me to apply this knowledge to everyday activities such as sitting at my desk, walking or standing, but also exercise such as bike riding and running.

Victoria helped me understand how to sit in a car in preparation for a planned long journey across France, as I had had previous problems whilst on another long drive. This involved instruction on how to sit and hold my arms etc, whilst using the Alexander Technique as I drove.

Simon, architect

At the age of 17, although fit and active, I developed a prolapsed disc; a year and a half later I have had surgery on it. I started seeing Victoria a few months prior to the surgery, upon recommendation from a friend. I trust Victoria and feel completely safe and comfortable in her hands. She is overwhelmingly lovely and understanding, and caters the ‘lessons’ to my day-to-day life, hopes and future plans. I have seen chiropractors, physiotherapists, back experts and been referred for epidurals from my doctors. All were brilliant but no-one has helped or taught me as much as Victoria. She has been a friend that has helped me through it, as well as a teacher.

The Alexander Technique is a way of life, without dominating your existing one. Unlike any of the other professionals I have come across, Victoria talks me through what she does, and teaches me to understand my body in a way that will help me care for it throughout my life. Victoria is a truly talented teacher that knows her stuff! She welcomes her clients into her home rather than calls them in for an appointment.


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