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Victoria Cresswell MSTAT

Alexander Technique, Movement  &  Dance


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Art of Movement

Over the last few years my Pilates Classes have changed and developed to such an extent that I have renamed them 'Progressive Movement Procedures' (PMP) to reflect the Developmental Movement, the presence of the Alexander Technique and Dance Principles as content within the Class.

For information however you can still download my Pilates Series Movement Sketches below.

For my class participants and others with some experience of Pilates, I have sketched out the following Tune Up Sequences and Series’ of Movements for download :

Vertical Tune-Up Procedure

Pilates Series of Movements

Pilates Standing Tune-Ups Summer 2014

Pilates Series Summer 2014

Easter 2015 Extracts from Pilates Sequence

Functional Movement with Alexander Technique

Pilates Series & Tune-Up Sketches