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Victoria Cresswell MSTAT

Alexander Technique, Movement  &  Dance


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Art of Movement


15-Sep-16 Changes to Pilates Classes

06-May-16 Post-graduate Training

29-Oct-15 Holistic Holiday Tuscany June 2016

29-Oct-15 Yoga & Pilates Workshop 29 November

5-Aug-15 Functional Movement with AT

1-Apr-15 Easter 2015 Pilates Sequence Extracts

1-Apr-15 DART Procedures Workshop June 2015

1-Apr-15 Dancettes April - September 2015

1-Apr-15 Yoga & Pilates Course 16 May 2015

1-Apr-15 Yoga, Pilates & Dance Holiday 2016

6-Jan-15 Yoga & Pilates Workshop, 24 Jan 2015

6-Jan-15 Afternoon Dancettes

15-Aug-14 Yoga, Pilates & Dance Workshop  in Wimborne, 15 November 2014

15-Aug-14  Yoga, Pilates & Dance Holidays new venues for 2015- Tuscany & Turkey

15-Aug-14  New Pilates Procedures Downloads

15-Aug-14  New Alexander Procedures Downloads

30-May-14 Waking Up the Feet Event 20 July

22-Apr-14 Three Helpful Awareness Practices :
Pre-AT Procedures

22-Apr-14 Pilates Series & Tun-Up Sketches

20-Apr-14 New Classes Update

21-Nov-13 School Chairs ‘Bad’ for Children’s Backs>>

21-Nov-13 Website Launch>>


I have been adapting my Pilates Classes for a few years now. These classes continue to evolve and develop, so for the present I am calling them 'Progressive Movement Procedures'. I no longer teach Beginners Pilates even on an individual basis, but do teach Progressive Movement Procedures on an Individual basis which includes an approach to movement that encourages poise and co-ordination.

More details about how my practice is evolving and how it might help you soon!

Sep 2016 : Changes to Pilates Classes

School Chairs ‘Bad’ for Children’s Backs

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) is leading a campaign to ban school chairs that are ‘bad’ for children’s backs.

STAT is calling for changes to the European standard which currently allows a school chair to slope backwards by five degrees. Backward sloping chairs encourage children to adopt poor posture which health experts say increases the risk of back pain among children during their school years and, crucially, later in life.

You can help change this by signing the petition here>>

Read more about the campaign here>>

Preparing the Dancing  Body & Dance Improvisations Course will run 2-3 May, see here for details>>

And my Pilates classes start again at Ringwood Health Clinic week beginning 21 April until half terms and will begin again first week of June.  Details here>>

New Classes

For my class participants and others with some experience of Pilates, I have sketched out a Vertical Tune-Up Procedure and a Pilates Series of Movements.

Pilates Series & Tune-Up Sketches

Website Launch

Welcome to my new website.  It’s taken 30 years for me to get to this point and this website aims to reflect the breadth of my experience and philosophy.  I hope you find it helpful and I would love to hear from you if there is anything else you would like to see here.

For those people with some experience of the Alexander Technique, I have compiled an instruction for Three Helpful Awareness Practices which can be practised between Alexander Technique lessons.

Three Helpful Awareness Practices : Pre-AT Procedures

Come to the New Forest, kick off your shoes and play at this experiential workshop, exploring ways to engage with and strengthen the feet, and move towards re-establishing more natural walking and running gaits.  We will not be running long distances but rather rediscovering some of the joys of natural movement through the rhythms of walking & running.  For details see Waking up the Feet poster.

Waking Up The Feet Event - 20 July 2014



Karen Stone & Victoria Cresswell


November 15th 2014
3.00pm-7.00 p.m


Holtwood Methodist Church Hall,

near Wimborne, Dorset


Come and join us in this lovely hall for an enjoyable combination of disciplines, friendly atmosphere and late afternoon tea.

Information & Booking

Victoria Cresswell: 01425 480560


Karen Stone: 07786 304 105


For my class participants and others with some experience of Pilates, some new sketches have been added for download here>>

New Pilates Series & Tune-Up Sketches

For people with some experience of the Alexander Technique, I have added some new instructions for procedures that can be practised between lessons for download here>>

New Alexander Technique Procedures

I am delighted to announce two new venues for our holidays (with me and Yoga instructor Karen Stone) for 2015 in Turkey and Tuscany.  More details here>>

2015 Yoga, Pilates & Dance Holidays

Details here>>

Yoga & Pilates Workshop in Wimborne: Sat 24 Jan 2015

Regular ‘Dancettes’ are held from 2pm - 5pm on Friday or Saturday afternoon, with tea and cake. The next Dancette is on Saturday 28 February. Details here>>

Afternoon Dancettes in Wimborne

I have sketched outlines of a few of the movements in the sequence that we are currently practising in my Pilates class.  You can download this from the Pilates Series page>>

Easter 2015 Extracts from Pilates Sequence

Robin John Simmons will be giving small group workshops and individual sessions on the Dart Procedures, in Bournemouth 5th - 7th June 2015.  This is for anyone with some experience of the Alexander Technique, not just teachers.

Dart Procedures Workshop Weekend>>

June 2015 - Dart Procedures for Alexander Teachers and Others

Movement, Awareness, Dance and Tea & Cake!

New dates for our regular ‘Dancettes’ which are held from on Friday or Saturday afternoons at Holtwood Methodist Church Hall in Wimborne.   Cost £30 including tea and cake.  

Details on the dance classes page>>

Dancettes 2015

The next Yoga & Pilates Course will be on Saturday 16 May at Holtwood Methodist Church Hall, Wimborne.   

Yoga & Pilates Worskshop details>>

Yoga & Pilates Course 16 May 2015

Dates have been set for next year’s Yoga, Pilates & Dance holiday which will take place in Tuscany, near Florence, Saturday 3rd - 10th September.

Details will be posted on our holiday page in due course>>

Yoga, Pilates & Dance Holiday 2016

I have added a new movement procedure Functional Movement with AT>>

August 2015 New AT Procedures

Karen Stone and I will be running the next Yoga & Pilates half day workshop on Sunday 29th November, 11am - 2pm at David Lloyd Club, Ringwood.

Oct 2015 : Yoga & Pilates Workshop 29 November

I am looking forward to undertaking intensive post-graduate Alexander Technique Training between July and October.  However, this does mean that there will be no weekend events or workshops until the Autumn.

May 2016 : Post-graduate Alexander Technique Training

Over the last few years my Pilates Classes have changed and developed to such an extent that I have renamed them 'Progressive Movement Practice' to reflect the Developmental Movement, the presence of the Alexander Technique and Dance Principles as content within the Class.

I continue to explore and experiment with movement from floor to standing and moving.

November 2017 : Changes to Pilates Classes

I have recently completed 2 years of Post Graduate study with The Alexander Alliance.

November 2017 : Post-graduate Alexander Technique Training


August 2018 : Art of Breathing

I have now completed post-graduate training in Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing and integrate the method in my teaching, helping people restore their natural breathing rhythms and psychophysical balance.