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Victoria Cresswell MSTAT

Alexander Technique, Movement  &  Dance


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Art of Movement

Testimonials : Dance

I first danced with Victoria in 1992 and have never found a better teacher. Victoria is always there with her whole being – as her student you feel that she is giving you her full attention – eyes, ears and heart.  I particularly appreciate the way she responds to the needs of the dancers right here and now, and is able to initiate a deeper experience. I’ve got to know Victoria to be curious and innovative, always expanding and deepening her knowledge of dance.

Jessica Wilker

On dancing with the floor
Having been told all my life that I have no musical beat, no sense of rhythm and that I can’t dance, this work has allowed me to follow the beat of my own drum and to discover there is music in my soul which I can express by sensing and feeling it in my body.

I am at last free to dance from my heart and my soul… and I love it!


I’ve been coming to Victoria’s dance evenings and day workshops for 14 years now. I’ve rarely missed any, as they are so precious for me. I’ve also studied Pilates with Victoria for 4 years.  Victoria teaches with great care, love and gentleness. Her work nourishes me physically and emotionally. I’m inspired by the dance from and with the earth, that is so important in Victoria’s work, and by perceiving different areas of my body from within. Victoria paints beautiful images with her language  that inspire me to get in touch with the inner landscape of my body. It is such a joy to study with  her.


I had the joy and privilege to be part of Victoria’s creative dancing class for three years and found within myself awakening qualities of life, freedom and trust through interactive movement. Her elegant and creative leadership meant that no two sessions were ever the same. Her impeccable sensing of the changing moods and needs of the class meant that we were gently drawn into a unique unspoken relationship as a group. Our boundaries grew imperceptibly and safely week-by-week. Since then visiting dance and movement teachers have commented on this group’s unusual readiness and freedom to respond to innovative dance and movement. We owe this entirely to Victoria.

Sarah Palmer

On Dancing in the Presence of Victoria by Monica Rutishauser

I sit and sense back into our dancing and memories come alive: A heightened body awareness and a deepening of contact to my inner movements - letting them become a personal expression.

Victoria allowing whatever is coming.

Sometimes giving suggestions: to let the knees or a finger take the lead, to let a flowing or sharp, distinct movements come to the foreground.

Sometimes taking a partner and letting communication happen, sometimes moving through the whole field of the group giving or receiving impulses.

Intensity growing, overcoming obstacles of concepts how movement is supposed to look, giving in to the immediacy of a sudden outburst of joy or sadness or anger.

Victoria mingling in or just holding the space for us. Kindness and curiosity emanating from her presence.

Becoming even more awake while the dance slows down, becomes a quiet, shimmering prayer. A connection to the unborn, a gratitude to the mystery are arising. In the stillness a tender heart and vibrating body.

Victoria’s commitment to include and support all individual forms and expressions.

An intimate inquiry into the moment’s dance unfolding…