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Art of Movement

An Introduction to Dance Improvisation

Dance Improvisation aims to expand the movement experience and joy of movement within the mover.  It is keenly related to body awareness and is based on two key principles: trusting and being present.  There are no steps to follow so this can be a liberating experience!

Different dancing styles are like learning a language. In Dance Improvisation the joints and parts of the body are explored for their movement potential, their mood and what they give in their movement to the mover.  They become part of your vocabulary.  So too does awareness of space, dancing ‘small’, dancing ‘big’, sense of timing and change of pace.

Contact, and our relationship to contact, profoundly affects us in movement.  So the relationship between the floor and the moving body is explored. This may develop with, perhaps, a wall, a chair or another mover.  Within the contact there is communication in which the vocabulary is articulated through the mover or movers.

There is no right or wrong within the dance space. The Dance Leader may suggest an exercise based on imagery or intent, and the mover pads it out with their own interpretation.

The benefits are:

Just Dance!

Just Dance!