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For those people with some experience of the Alexander Technique, I have compiled some instructions that can be practised between Alexander Technique lessons.  

Three Helpful Awareness Practices

Alexander Technique Practices

Functional Movement with Alexander Technique

Alexander Procedures

The Alexander Technique is world renowned.  It is a method of mental and physical re-education - concerned with thinking as well as activity and, crucially, thinking in activity. The ease of movement which it promotes is translated into all your everyday movements as well as your special interests, whether that be gardening, singing, playing an instrument, or running and swimming.

How did the Alexander Technique come about?

Over 100 years ago, an Australian actor, Frederick Matthias Alexander, was suffering from persistent voice and breathing problems on stage, as well as general ill health.  Obtaining very little help from conventional medicine, an absolute determination to find the real root of his problems led him to discover certain fundamental truths about human activity, co-ordination and movement.   

F M Alexander’s story gives us the greatest understanding of what the Alexander Technique is, and you can read more about it here>>

What are the Benefits?

The Alexander Technique is widely recognised as an effective means of reducing disability associated with chronic low back pain.

It improves balance, posture and respiratory functioning in healthy people.

The Technique also enhances ease of movement and promotes a sense of well being. Learning and applying the principles can reduce muscle tension and stiffness.

The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence guidelines recommend that ‘Alexander Technique may be offered to benefit people with Parkinson’s by helping them to make lifestyle adjustments that affect both the physical nature of the condition and the person’s attitude to having Parkinson’s disease’.

How do you Learn?

You learn the Alexander Technique through one-to-one lessons with a qualified teacher.  Qualified Teachers have undergone 3 years of training in how to use verbal and light ‘hands on’ instruction to promote conditions for healthy movement patterns.

It is suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical mobility.  Whilst there are no specific exercises, the effectiveness of the Technique depends on developing conscious awareness through regular lessons and application by you throughout the week.

Your initial lesson gives you the opportunity to discuss your situation, and most importantly to experience the Technique for yourself and discover how it might help you.

It's Yours Sixty Seconds
Think in the direction you want to go
by Patricia Lassalle

This is a lovely little inspirational book inspired by the Alexander Technique which I highly recommend.

Available for £4.99 from


Alexander in Education
This is an excellent video about the benefits for children and young people of the Alexander Technique in Education

More on the Alexander Technique, Education and Children>>