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Victoria Cresswell MSTAT

Alexander Technique, Movement  &  Dance


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Art of Movement

My background is in gymnastics and dance.  I came to the Alexander Technique in the early 80s and decided to train as a teacher, completing my three year training in 1984.

Since then I have held busy Alexander Technique practices in the UK and Germany.  I have worked with all ages and a huge range of health profiles.  I also teach AT at Bryanston School in Dorset.

I personally find the principles of the Alexander Technique to be philosophically profound and a valuable aid in the quest for ‘Big Mind’ or ‘Greater Consciousness’.  I am continually amazed at it’s subtlety and pertinence to all kinds of situations from the physical, to the thinking and psychological.

About Me

As one goes on, new areas are opened, new possibilities are seen and then realised; one finds himself continually growing, and realises that there is an endless process of growth initiated

I regularly attend courses for my own professional development, deepening understanding of all aspects of the Alexander Technique, including working with the voice, with dancers and seminars on anatomy and physiology and the ‘Dart Procedures’.  I have completed post-graduate training with the Alexander Alliance and Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing.  I also teach young musicians at Bryanston School in Blandford and at Lush, the cosmetics and spa company.

The Alexander Technique impacts everything I do.  As a Fitness Professional I think of ‘Good Use’ as a prerequisite to all training and consider that the ‘Directions for Good Use’, as taught by Alexander Teachers, healthily engages the relevant muscles and tissue that support a lengthening spine and a balanced body.

Working within natural physical laws, without ‘over-doing’ and unnecessary tightening, reveals the beauty of the moving body.

From John Dewey’s introduction to Alexander’s book ‘The Use of the Self’

About Lessons with Me

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