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Victoria Cresswell MSTAT

Alexander Technique, Movement  &  Dance


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I am a Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Movement and Dance Improvsation, based in Ringwood in Hampshire. I specialise in improving health, vitality and well-being through developing awareness in movement, exercise and dance.  My skills help you approach your daily activities constructively and engage your sense of balance, flexibility, strength and complexity of movement.  

I offer private Alexander Technique Lessons in Ringwood and one day courses in Dance Improvisation near Wimborne in Dorset. I have also developed an evolving movement practice called PMP - Progressive Movement Practice - which fosters enjoyment and awareness in movement.  PMP Classes are held in Ringwood.

I very much look forward to hearing from you if you would like to book a class or lesson or if you have any other questions.  

Alexander Technique in Ringwood, Hampshire Progressive Movement Practice in Ringwood, Hampshire Dance Improvsation in Wimborne, Dorset

The Alexander Technique

The skill of thinking and moving every day with ease and poise

Progressive Movement Practice

An evolving movement practice which fosters enjoyment and awareness in movement.

Dance Improvisation

Creative self expression that bestows joy and enhances life

Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council Registered

Alexander Technique PMP Dance Improvisation

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